Residential Electrical Safety Tips

Let’s face it. Safety is usually not something that comes to mind when you think of electricity. However, there are plenty of safety hazards in the home which you should be aware of. One of these hazards is a shock hazard, which occurs when there is a damaged part of the electrical system which causes the flow of electricity to be increased in an area where people will be exposed to this unexpected amount/voltage of electricity. If not rectified, shock hazards could lead to serious injuries.

As a homeowner, you’re on a constant search to keep your home and family safe from harm. Here are a few safety tips from expert residential electrical service providers to mitigate the risks:

1. Every electrical equipment should be in good working condition
Equipment that isn’t operating or isn’t plugged in properly is one of the most common causes of short circuits in the electrical system. As a result, all the electrical equipment in the house should be inspected for problems.

2. Switch Off the Main Power
Shocks and accidents can occur when the power is turned on while working on the home’s electrical system. When performing extensive electrical work, always turn off the main power. Always turn off the plug point and work when doing tiny power outlet maintenance.

3. Warm & Cold Power Outlets
Warm power outlets might show a range of issues, ranging from an overloaded electrical circuit to faulty wiring. As a result, check all the outlets in your home once a month by placing your hand on the outlets. Warm or hot outlets indicate a problem.

4. Fire Extinguisher
Keep a fire extinguisher on hand at all times throughout the house. Because water is an excellent conductor of electricity, it should never be used to extinguish an electric fire, no matter how tiny.

5. Ground Older Appliances
As a result of normal wear and tear, your old appliances may suffer grounding issues and this puts you in danger of being shocked. Make certain that all of your appliances have three-pronged plugs that can connect to a grounded outlet. Replace any kitchen equipment that has only two-pronged connectors.

6. Expert Intervention
If you have any doubts, seek the advice of a professional. If a situation appears to have gotten out of hand and requires additional attention, always contact a qualified electrician: 0400981230.

7. Do not use extension cords for longer durations time
Extension cables should never be used as a long-term power source. Though extension cords are wonderful for temporary use, if you find yourself using one all the time, you might consider installing an outlet instead.

8. Overloading
Avoid overloading a single outlet at all costs. Outlets are designed to produce a specific amount of energy. Using multiple high-wattage appliances in the same outlet can be dangerous. If you can’t move your appliances to various outlets, consider adding a new outlet to relieve some of the strain on the existing one.

Some really common and general electrical safety tips that everyone, rather elderly or young ones, should know:

● Don’t put metal objects in a toaster
● Don’t use a curling iron with a wet head
● Keep electrical cords from being tripped on
● Always shut off electricity when you have something that can burn or get hot
● Do not overload any outlet if it is designed to only handle a certain amount of power
● Do not play around outlets with smaller kids around even if it’s turned off or unplugged
● Know where the main switch is, and how to turn it off in case of emergency
● Beware of water and electricity, as it is a dangerous combination
● Do not touch broken circuits or space around it as it may be live and carry current
● Always use a surge protector
● Never cover a wall outlet with a plant pot or wooden board
● If you smell something burning, get out if it is electrical
● Unplug household appliances when not used for long periods
● Avoid cheap imitations, they are manufactured without safety
● Never run electrical cords under carpets
● Always opt for night lights in bathrooms
● Always make sure fuses are working
● Never use electrical devices while wet
● Never touch a wire if it is falling from the ceiling
● Make sure the electrical outlets are sealed
● Switch off all electrical appliances before cleaning or repairing
● Get regular inspections of electric wiring organise in your home

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