How to spot the most common electrical issues around your house

Your house might be having serious electrical issues and you have no idea about them or how to spot them. You are straight up putting your and your families lives in danger by just not caring about an uninsulated wire or a loose outlet. Such small and unnoticeable issues are always a cause of fire and/or shock hazards that we usually get to hear on news. It’s time that you take this issue seriously and start identifying some of the most common electrical issues around your house.

If you don’t feel comfortable enough to spot these issues you can simply call over a residential electrical service provider, who will perform a complete and thorough inspection of your house. One more advantage of hiring a professional, other than you get to relax, is that they know where they need to be careful and the places where these electrical issues generally occur. Let’s start with our list of most common electrical issues:

Hot Outlets

You must have experienced the outlet heats up when you remove a plug. Warm outlets or wires are not normal, it is a sign that something is wrong with your house’s wiring. You should call an electrician immediately or before next use of the same appliance because it might need some fixing or repairing.

Flickering Lights

Sometimes it is hardly even noticeable but sometimes you feel like you’re at a party. Lights flicker when there is some loose wiring or an issue with the breaker box. Get a licensed residential electrician Melbourne and get this issue fixed.

Burning Smell

It should come as no surprise that the scent of things burning should be a red flag! If the wiring in your electrical system heats up to the point where it melts its plastic covering, you're in danger of catching fire and need to act quickly. Identify the cause of the problem, whether it's a single fixture or the breaker box, and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Loose Outlets

Shorts, sparks, and potential fire threats result from an unsecured outlet's wires being shaken loose. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this major issue, call your local electrician and get it fixed. 

Messy or Tangled Wiring

Electricians aren't rewarded for their good looks. Wires that are hastily run or aren't quite level along a joist conduct no better than wires that are beautifully placed and well-organized. If your electrician didn’t take time to organize the wires then there is a huge possibility that he/she has done temporary work that is unreliable and dangerous for the inhabitants.

Rodent Activity

Mice are just everywhere and they might even be in your circuit box chomping on a wire that connects to the outlet you are just going to use. Rodents just disrupt the flow of your house’s entire wiring system. You never know when or where a mouse has torn apart a wire or left it uninsulated. It is easy to identify if a rodent has been around the cables in your house, you can check for their droppings. It’s time that you call your electrician or pest control to get both of the issues fixed.

Naked wires

Naked or uninsulated wires are very dangerous as they can give a direct shock to you when touched with bare hands. The cause of a naked wire lying around could be a rodent activity or extreme heat because of which the outer layering of plastic melted away. Give a call at 0400981230 and get your wires insulated instantly.

Frequent maintenance of electrical appliances

It’s about time you join the dots and realize that your electrical appliances have been needing maintenance very frequently. This is a result of faulty wiring, high voltage or a really bad maintenance service of that appliance. Whatever the reason is, you should get your house inspected as soon as possible, which will eventually save you lots of money.

Buzzing sounds

If you hear a humming sound while plugging in your charger or a buzzing sound at a particular place in your house, then something's off. Your switches and outlets should work silently. Turn off the electricity to that fixture immediately and call a professional electrician if you hear any buzzing, cracking, or sizzling sounds when you flick a switch or plug into an outlet.

These are some common signs of hidden electrical faults that could be addressed very effortlessly. Call the most reputed electricians of Melbourne, Concept Electrical Group, to fix these issues.