Home lighting – 10 Top Tips to Create Maximum Impact

Lighting really makes a lot of impact in showcasing a room. During home renovations Melbourne, you can ask your electrician for some lighting advice that can help light up your place the right way.

Choosing the right house lighting can be difficult - downlights, pendants, uplights, lamps, there’s a lot to think of. The appropriate lighting may help you modernise your home, draw attention to artwork or architectural details, and make your home feel more welcoming. Bad lighting will alter the colours of the furniture and walls, as well as give people headaches and make them tense. Some designers even argue that lighting is the most significant aspect of interior design, thus it's critical to get it right. 

Let’s discuss how you can make small changes to your lighting and alter the complete aesthetic. 

  1. Swap Your Holiday Lights for LED Versions

Holiday lights consume a lot of energy and you change them every holiday season. Instead you can just use LED versions of lighting which you can DIY according to every holiday’s needs.

  1. Pick a New Shade

Want to modify your living area? Just pick a new shade to redo your living room, it’ll give a fresh look to the same space. You can even choose contrasting colors for your table lamps to make a statement.

  1. Change the Oldest Lighting Fixture in Your Home

The oldest fixture in your house might be downgrading your room renovation. It's time to replace it with multiple options present in the market. A perfect option could be a vintage looking light fixture which uses less energy.

  1. Find a New Ceiling Fan

When was the last time your ceiling fan was updated? If you haven't upgraded in a while, now is the time to do so. Ceiling fan motors that are newer consume far less energy and run cooler to the touch than older motors. And ceiling fans with lights are very functional and allow you to choose from numerous designs. 

  1. Consider Scale When Selecting Light Fixtures

A great lighting fixture will compliment your space and other fixtures. If it overshadows the other essential parts of the room or is very less prominent then you can use a different fixture which is in scale with everything else present around it.

  1. Use Lighting in Unexpected Ways

There are a lot of ways you can use lighting in your house. There’s garden lights that light up a path, pendant lights in the kitchen or even in your wardrobe, or task lights for your bed’s headboard.

  1. Layer Lighting for a Balanced Effect

When it comes to lighting, layers are crucial. Aim for at least three sources of light in each location for the optimum balance. To accommodate less square feet in tiny places, reduce the bulb wattage and size of the light fixtures. Don't forget about the accent layer, which serves to draw attention to the extra elements you've included to your rooms.

  1. Use Dimmers Wherever You Can

Dimmers can instantly transform the mood of a space while also helping you save money on your electric bill. To have additional control over your lighting, install dimmer switches in as many rooms and with as many fixtures as you'd like. Dimmers can be used to adjust the ambiance and balance artificial and natural light.

  1. Cast a glow

You can use colored lighting to cast a glow on the surrounding walls. Ask your electrician to place these lights behind a mirror, when lit they will cast a colorful glow on the walls and make your mirror look like a statement piece.

  1. Bring in natural light

You can use natural lighting to light up your rooms, for this you’ll need huge windows that receive sunlight for most times of the day. It can even be layered with some ceiling lights that give off a warm glow.

Ask your professional electrician to suggest you with lighting techniques, or just call over an electrician 0400981230 and tell him what you need and they will install lighting fixtures to fulfill those requirements. With more than ten years of industry experience, Concept Electrical Group strives to deliver efficient, reliable and cost effective residential and commercial electrical services. All our technicians are qualified to the highest Australian standards, plus, have the required experience which makes us stand out from the competitors. Give us a call at the number mentioned above or fill our quotation form to get some personalized assistance.