Covid-19 Update

The pandemic situation has everyone questioning whether or not they should hire a service provider. Although it is the safer option to not invite anyone inside, emergencies still occur, and it won’t give you time to prepare. Electrical emergencies should be dealt with with urgency, and regular maintenance should be practised to avoid any mishappening. Concept Electrical Group is dedicated to serving you by following extreme safety precautions. Our client’s health and safety is our primary concern, and we are devoted to doing our bit to stop the spread of CoronaVirus.

While Visiting Your Place We Practice:
– Covering their mouth and nose with masks
– Social distancing from people as well as inanimate objects.
– Avoiding any physical contact whenever possible.
– Keeping a safe distance of 1.5m from others.
– Sanitizing their equipment and tools.
– Sanitizing and cleaning all the surfaces before and after the completion of work.

For The Safety Of Our Team We Ask You To Kindly Adhere To These Precautionary Measures:
– Inform us of any Covid patients or cases around your neighbourhood or house.
– Keep your furniture and other items away from our contact.
– Avoid visiting the room where we will work.
– Maintain a social distance of at least 1.5m between our staff, yourself, and other inhabitants of
your home, including children.
– Wear masks and other safety gears during our visits.
– Sanitize your furniture and other items after we leave your house.
– Follow all the precautionary measures advised by Australian Government.

Concept Electrical Group is prepared and equipped with safety supplies to offer its services during these difficult times of pandemic. Cooperate with our technicians for smooth and safe service.
Keep yourself updated with Covid-19 guidelines/advisory-

Covid 19 Update

Frequently asked questions

What all services do you provide?

We provide Commercial, Residential, Renovation and Data & Communication services for electrical purposes. We perform equipment testing, upgrading data wiring, maintenance and general electrical services.

Do LED lights outperform incandescent lights?

LED lights are more expensive to buy than incandescent lights, but they are more energy-efficient (lasting 50,000 hours versus 1,200 hours). They also have a cheaper annual operating cost.

Do I need any special requirements to install a ceiling fan?

Yes. Because a ceiling fan is an active load that is heavier than most light fixtures, you need a secure mounting point designed for this application. Which is why Timber is installed on the roof to support the weight of the ceiling fan.

Can I do my electrical work?

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to notice an electrical problem right away. Any competent handyman will tell you that they can fix it without difficulty. There is, however, an issue. Electrical work is not something that a handyman is qualified to do. To get their licence, electricians must complete years of intense training and certification processes. A license may appear to be nothing more than a piece of paper, but it is that piece of paper that can save your life.

How frequently should I have my electrical system checked?

Electrical installations should be inspected frequently enough that deterioration does not pose a threat. Between testing, any section of an installation that has become clearly defective should be de-energised until the fault can be corrected. You should have your electrical installation evaluated and tested by a qualified electrician; electrical safety first can help you choose an electrician.

I need electricians urgently. Do you work after business hours?

Yes, we are available 7 days a week and even after business hours, for any urgent requirement contact us at 0400981230.

Do you serve eastern Melbourne?

Yes, we are based out of Richmond but our services are available across the whole of Melbourne.

Is it necessary to hire an expert to instal data wiring?

It’s always ideal to have professional wiring installed to ensure that your new system meets all of your needs quickly and reliably. Because of the standards, rules, and intricacies of data wiring, doing it yourself can be too dangerous. You can avoid costly downtime and other complications by having it done by a professional. You’ll also always have help when you need it!

Do I need data wiring?

Today’s organisations must be highly connected to the outside world, as well as gather and store data, use web-based services, and more. As a result, almost all businesses and commercial buildings require data wiring, albeit some require more than others. You’ll need data wiring for your business if you’re going to have computers, laptops, televisions, security cameras/CCTV, Wi-Fi, desk phones, or other devices connected to a network.

Why isn’t my power point working?

It’s possible that the wire has broken down at someplace. It could be a severed or damaged cable at a power point or a junction box where many cables join together.

Can you tell me how many cameras I’ll need at my house?

The size and configuration of the area you want to survey will determine this.

What does a complete CCTV system entail?

The DVR, or digital video recorder, is the heart of any CCTV system. Cables connect CCTV cameras to the DVR, and there are other auxiliary devices such as a power source for the cameras.

How frequently should I test and maintain my electrical equipment and system?

At least once a month, visually inspect your electrical equipment for any damage or deterioration. Call 0400981230 once a year to get your electrical system inspected for proper upkeep.

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