Covid-19 Update

The pandemic situation has everyone questioning whether or not they should hire a service provider. Although it is the safer option to not invite anyone inside, emergencies still occur, and it won’t give you time to prepare. Electrical emergencies should be dealt with with urgency, and regular maintenance should be practised to avoid any mishappening. Concept Electrical Group is dedicated to serving you by following extreme safety precautions. Our client’s health and safety is our primary concern, and we are devoted to doing our bit to stop the spread of CoronaVirus.

While Visiting Your Place We Practice:
– Covering their mouth and nose with masks
– Social distancing from people as well as inanimate objects.
– Avoiding any physical contact whenever possible.
– Keeping a safe distance of 1.5m from others.
– Sanitizing their equipment and tools.
– Sanitizing and cleaning all the surfaces before and after the completion of work.

For The Safety Of Our Team We Ask You To Kindly Adhere To These Precautionary Measures:
– Inform us of any Covid patients or cases around your neighbourhood or house.
– Keep your furniture and other items away from our contact.
– Avoid visiting the room where we will work.
– Maintain a social distance of at least 1.5m between our staff, yourself, and other inhabitants of
your home, including children.
– Wear masks and other safety gears during our visits.
– Sanitize your furniture and other items after we leave your house.
– Follow all the precautionary measures advised by Australian Government.

Concept Electrical Group is prepared and equipped with safety supplies to offer its services during these difficult times of pandemic. Cooperate with our technicians for smooth and safe service.
Keep yourself updated with Covid-19 guidelines/advisory-

Covid 19 Update

Electrician Ringwood

Electrician Ringwood

Engage the Services of Our Electrician in Ringwood

Take proper care of the electrical condition of your property with our electrician in Ringwood. Be it a commercial building or your residence, regular maintenance is crucial. Choosing the right servicemen for this kind of work is also equally important since it is related to your safety.

We take pride in the level of professionalism that our electrician hold. We are highly skilled and therefore suggest the best solution to your problems. Our more than a decade’s experience and hard work make us trustworthy in the industry. People are not only using our services with great trust but also showing us their delighted feedback.

“Good communication regarding date of appointment, and arrival time on the day. High- quality work, efficient with a thorough cleanup. Will recommend Matt's business to friends and family”.

- Cameron K.

Highly Qualified Electrician in Ringwood

Dedicated electrician in Ringwood are highly qualified to handle electrical services on commercial buildings. To support public and worker safety and boost productivity, office buildings must have their electrical systems inspected, maintained, and repaired on a routine basis. Problems in such commercial places may include various kinds, such as

  • Tripping circuit breakers
  • Damaged wiring
  • Insufficient outlets
  • Incorrect wire lengths
  • Burned out light bulbs
  • Nonfunctioning outlets
  • Dim or flickering lights
  • Improper installation
  • Electrical fire hazards
  • Unprotected wiring

Hence, looking after all these issues will ultimately pay off in the long term, enabling your company to expand, modernise, and manage expansion effectively.

The need for an expert electrician is mandatory everywhere, and you can get one by giving us the opportunity to serve you and prove why we are so appreciated by our customers. We have noticed that when it comes to electrical services, the biggest issue is reliability. That is why building ‘trust’ is our motto.

Residential Services

Our team at Concept Electrical Group take care of all elements of your household services, from minor electrical work to whole home renovations. We can take on any job and complete it efficiently and within our agreed time frame.

We are more than qualified to take any electrical service needs you may have and provide you with modern and reliable solutions. Our well-versed technicians are open to a wide range of electrical tasks efficiently and stress-free for you.

Commercial Electricians In East Melbourne

We’ve been at the forefront of the electrical industry for years, and we've completed a range of successful commercial projects. Commercial properties require a comprehensive assessment because they are meant to house a significant population, and our primary concern is their safety. We test equipment to guarantee that it is safe to use and will not pose any danger for the population within the building.

Electrician Ringwood
Electrician Ringwood

Commercial and Residential Electrician in Ringwood

For all of your electrical needs, our electrician in Ringwood offers commercial, residential, renovation, and data & communication services. We test equipment, upgrade data wiring, do maintenance, and provide general electrical services. We provide all these services at the most affordable prices, making it easier for everyone to access the expertise of an electrical professional when it’s needed.

We understand that emergency circumstances may come up from time to time at your home or office. Therefore, we are available throughout the entire week, even after business hours.

You can contact our electricians in Ringwood for your residential or commercial electricity needs at any hour of the day.

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