Covid-19 Update

The pandemic situation has everyone questioning whether or not they should hire a service provider. Although it is the safer option to not invite anyone inside, emergencies still occur, and it won’t give you time to prepare. Electrical emergencies should be dealt with with urgency, and regular maintenance should be practised to avoid any mishappening. Concept Electrical Group is dedicated to serving you by following extreme safety precautions. Our client’s health and safety is our primary concern, and we are devoted to doing our bit to stop the spread of CoronaVirus.

While Visiting Your Place We Practice:
– Covering their mouth and nose with masks
– Social distancing from people as well as inanimate objects.
– Avoiding any physical contact whenever possible.
– Keeping a safe distance of 1.5m from others.
– Sanitizing their equipment and tools.
– Sanitizing and cleaning all the surfaces before and after the completion of work.

For The Safety Of Our Team We Ask You To Kindly Adhere To These Precautionary Measures:
– Inform us of any Covid patients or cases around your neighbourhood or house.
– Keep your furniture and other items away from our contact.
– Avoid visiting the room where we will work.
– Maintain a social distance of at least 1.5m between our staff, yourself, and other inhabitants of
your home, including children.
– Wear masks and other safety gears during our visits.
– Sanitize your furniture and other items after we leave your house.
– Follow all the precautionary measures advised by Australian Government.

Concept Electrical Group is prepared and equipped with safety supplies to offer its services during these difficult times of pandemic. Cooperate with our technicians for smooth and safe service.
Keep yourself updated with Covid-19 guidelines/advisory-

Covid 19 Update


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